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Our new Respite program provides needed breaks for caregivers who live with their loved ones who have mental illness.

Concord fills an important niche

Concord’s services help families manage mental illness. But not everyone who needs our help is undergoing life-threatening circumstances. Concord also counsels those experiencing stress, depression, grief and anxiety that threaten their ability to live fulfilling lives.

Serving 4,000+ clients and families annually

Concord’s doctors, nurses, counselors and social workers treat children, teens, adults and seniors of every economic level who struggle with mental health issues. And when we help them, we help their families. We like to think we have 4,000+ families as clients. With Concord, the darkness lifts and the sun shines in before it’s too late.

Helping people with no job or insurance

We are living in a “perfect storm.” You probably have friends or co-workers who have lost jobs and their health insurance, whose homes are in danger of foreclosure, or who are anxious about their family’s financial future. Just when it is hardest for them to deal with the difficulties that strain relationships, physical health and emotional well-being, they can least afford to do so.

For over 45 years, Concord has been here to help – providing critical services to people you know, even when they could not pay the total cost. Please consider making a donation to help make sure assistance is here for your family, friends, and everyone who needs it. The health of our community depends on it!

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