How does Concord help older adults?

Do you worry that your elderly next door neighbor or your own mother and father might become lonely and depressed? Will they be forced to move to a nursing facility without really needing to? Concord programs offer psychological and practical support for older adults to help them remain emotionally healthy and live independently even when faced with illness, the loss of a spouse or other issues that are a normal part of aging. We help the sun shine in their lives.

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Doctors who are concerned about an older patient’s mindset often refer the person to us for assessment and follow up therapy if needed. Our goal is to help prevent depression and isolation so they can stay in their own homes. This not only gives them a better quality of life, it saves families and taxpayers thousands of dollars in costly nursing home care, bringing light to hundreds of people.

Peer-to-peer consultants

Our specially trained, mature senior consultants are reliable and friendly. They provide free transportation and support to help fellow seniors maintain their independence and positive outlooks, driving them to the doctor, bank, or grocery.
Contact Senior Support at 614-882-9338 ext 230 for more information

Caregiver support

When older adults suffer from diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, it puts stress on their loved ones as well. Caregivers can easily become overwhelmed, isolated, and depressed which affects not only their own lives, but how they assist the person who is ill. In Concord support groups, spouses, children, and other family members share common concerns and experiences. They don’t feel so alone in their journey.

Helpful resource for seniors with mental health disorders

According to the CDC, around 20% of individuals aged 55 and above are affected by mental health conditions. We believe that offering seniors structured social and therapeutic recreational programs is crucial for fostering socialization, activity, and preventing many mental health issues.
To that end, here is a comprehensive guide that covers common mental health conditions in seniors and various housing options for those impacted. This resource also delves into the benefits of assisted living for seniors living with mental health disorders.
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